Saturday, September 20, 2008


Today is my birthday! We celebrated last night by going to Wilshire Restaurant with Paul and Colleen. I had the black mussels in red coconut curry broth for an appetizer and the miso marinated black cod for my entree. Oh my, it was good. I had the appropriately named 'birthday cake' for dessert. The waitress told me that I didn't need to order the birthday cake just because it was my birthday. I know, I replied and for a second wondered if I should choose the homemade ice cream trio instead. But, in the end I made the right choice. The cake was delicate and light, thin layers of white cake alternating with deliciously sweet and tart lemon cream. The frosting was sweet but not cloying, decorated on top with white chocolate filigree. Accompanied by a swirl of raspberry sauce it was the perfect ending to a delicious meal.

Today I'm taking it easy. There is laundry to do and the usual chores of cleaning, straightening, etc. but for right now, I am going to sip my coffee, browse the internet, and just relax.


Daria said...

Happy Birthday!

US said...

Happy (belated) Birthday Kelsi! I hope you had a fantastic day, as you deserve!
Talk to you soon!

TWINTALES features: said...

Thanks Daria and Wiggins clan.

BTW Daria - I love the R2 series. Very clever and funny.

Wiggins - you better come out here in the spring. I need to get my hands on those boys of yours. Plus, I'm hoping their sweetness to each other will rub off on my children.