Thursday, January 01, 2009

So here it is the first day of 2009 and I haven't even written about our Christmas. Is it true that I only posted like 6 times the whole month of December? I'm a bad blogger.

I really expected to write more during these two weeks. I haven't had to work and I figured even with having to entertain the boys I'd still have lots of time to write. I forgot about the exhaustion though that goes with the day in, day out entertaining of 6 year olds. And that exhaustion sucks the creative juices right out of me. I compose the best posts in the shower, I swear. It's quiet and steamy and great stuff pops into my head. But, it seems to disappear with the steam and, well, this is what you get.

Our Christmas was great. We made cookies on Christmas Eve and left them out for Santa. We also left him some yummy eggnog and carrots for the reindeer, of course. At 6:29 on Christmas morning, Dean came tumbling into our room and Jack went to the living room to survey the scene. He came back with regular reports such as: He ate the cookies! The reindeer ate the carrots! There's ashes on the floor in front of the fireplace! WE GOT SKATEBOARDS!
We couldn't hold them off after that and soon there were bits of paper everywhere along with those annoying twisty tie things that every toy seems to come with. Every size of screw driver was dispatched and batteries were retrieved to bring all toys into glorious animation. Winking, blinking, talking, rolling animation. And it was good. Later that day we went to Peter's and Julian's to exchange gifts with them. Santa brought them a Wii (well actually it was Julian) and the boys had a good time helping them break it in. Dean is very good at bowling (as long as you don't have to hold a real ball) and Jack was very good at tennis (but suffered from tennis elbow the next day - not even kidding). After that we went to the Sullivans for Christmas dinner and gift exchange.

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I suggest a web cam in the shower so that we can still get these great blog ideas.