Sunday, November 04, 2007

Pictures and Clarification

As promised, a cool picture. We went to Newport Beach yesterday, spent the day on the boardwalk, went to a great steakhouse for dinner (boys were amazingly well-behaved), then back to our hotel room where we fell asleep early. Well, the boys fell asleep late and me and the daddy fell asleep early.
This morning after breakfast, we went back to the beach so the boys could play some more.

They were soaked and covered in sand but boy did they have fun.

Also, I set up mobile blogging (from my cell phone) so I can blog a bit when I'm on the go. So there's truly no excuse to miss a day, right? Anyway, the cryptic messages from yesterday were sent from my cell phone. I went to Santa Monica in the morning yesterday to have my running gait (form) analyzed. Then, the trainer gave me some changes to incorporate into my regular running routine. The changes should minimize my risk of injury and make me a more efficient runner. Not likely that I'll break any records, though.

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