Thursday, November 01, 2007

Top Ten List

Top Ten Worst Things to Hand Out on Halloween:

  1. Crackers. I don't care if they are in the shape of bones, it's still lame.
  2. Make your own Balloons! Right. Or just put the sticky stuff in another kid's hair. Great.
  3. Toothbrushes. I know you're a dentist but if you handed out candy maybe you'd drum up some more business?
  4. Pencils. Same as toothbrushes except handed out by teachers.
  5. Clackers. Don't do this. Violators will find me standing in front of their houses at 2:00am clacking. Get my drift?
  6. Pretzels. Unless they're chocolate covered and filled with peanut butter.
  7. Candy bracelets/necklaces. There's something a little gross about eating candy off of skin, even if it's your own.
  8. Gum. This is just a safety hazard. Also, see number 2.
  9. Whistles. See number 5. And the worst thing to hand out on Halloween?
  10. Gift Certificates to Hometown Buffet. Seriously.


Meleah the Mommy said...

I second all of these. HORRIBLE. Candy. Stickers. MORE CANDY!

twintales said...

Exactly! Because as soon as those kids are in bed, I'm raiding their baskets! Who wants crackers?