Friday, November 03, 2006

14 days

Once the boys were home from the hospital we spent a lot of time on the couch with them - holding them, staring at them, snuggling with them. I love this photo of Dean and Tom. This was taken just a few days after Dean was home and he looks skeptical. It took him a while to get used to us.

This is such a sweet picture of Tom with Jack. It looks so peaceful and yet illustrates the exhaustion of a new Dad.

Jack made really funny faces all the time. Most of the time when we visited him in the hospital the nurses would have a new polaroid posted on his isolette because he made such funny faces.

Doesn't he have a wise face? He was not ready to be born. While Jack would be making faces at the nurses Dean would be looking around with a frown on his face wondering how on earth he got here.

Grandma used to love putting her chin close to their faces so they'd root around and try to suck on it. Jack fell for it every time.

Here's Grandma with a sleeping Jack and a wide awake Dean. No wonder I never got any sleep! Jack loved his pacifier and was a good sleeper as long as he had his pacifier. But, sometimes he'd lose it during his nap or at night and then he couldn't soothe himself back to sleep. Plus, he preferred to sleep in our arms and would be completely knocked out until I tried to lay him in his crib.

We used to do Kangaroo care in the NICU and Dean still loved it once we got home. The first time I tried Kangaroo care with him he just burrowed down as deep as he could go. When it was time to put him back in his isolette, his little spidery fingers would try to grasp onto my chest - to stay just a little bit longer. Oh, it broke my heart. Because I would have kept him there just as long as he wanted to be there.

I love looking at these old photos. These pics are scanned and that's why the quality isn't very good. I forget what it was like when they were babies and going through these old photos really brings back the memories. It also brings back the fear that was simmering underneath our hopefulness. I remember trying to always concentrate on the good news and not dwell on the bad.
We are so very lucky.

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