Sunday, November 05, 2006

The Wild Side

We had our friend Brian and his girlfriend Tempany over for dinner tonight. She used to be a nanny and Brian is amazing with kids so it didn't take long before the boys were showing them all their tricks. In a 3 hour period Dean was in 3 different costumes. When he was dressed as Peter Pan, Brian pretended to be Captain Hook and Jack pretended to be a dragon. It was pretty fun to watch their little improvisation and Tom videotaped it but I'm too tired to put it on you tube. Maybe later. Anyway, the following conversation took place tonight over our ice cream and strawberries. Please note: this conversation came out of the blue and Dean started it.

Dean: I'm on the Wild Side. (he said ominously)
Tempany: What do you do on the wild side?
Dean: (Pause) I eat.
Tempany: What else do you do?
Dean: I just eat.

He eats. He just eats.

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