Saturday, November 04, 2006

November 4

We're only 13 days away from their birthday now. In real time, the boys are being little pistols and are seriously close to having all their Halloween candy revoked. Why do they always seem to act up around their birthday?

This is me and mom on October 4th, the day before my cancelled baby shower. That was the most I was able to sit up because whenever I was propped up higher, I had more contractions. I only sat up long enough to eat, then had to lay back down. See all the monitors on me? One to monitor the contractions and then a monitor for each baby to monitor their movement. The magnesium sulfate made me and the babies sleepy.

This photo was taken just 4 days before I delivered. By now I had stopped leaking fluid and was having hardly any contractions. I was able to get out of bed to use the toilet and I didn't have to stay completely flat when I was in bed. My hg numbers had come up to normal levels and my doctor was amazed at the difference. She had lowered the dosage of magnesium sulfate and I felt better than I had in several weeks. I was more positive than ever that I would deliver the boys close to full term.

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