Thursday, November 09, 2006

Eight Crazy Days

Only eight more days 'til their birthday.

This was taken after my first attempt at nursing them simultaneously. Jack came home 2 days later but Dean had to stay an extra 4 days. Dean didn't like to work for his food - he preferred the stomach tube. That's the only reason he didn't get to come home with Jack. Have I mentioned how much Dean dislikes change?

This is Tom practicing kangaroo care on Dean. This picture was taken on Christmas day.

Did I mention the funny faces Jack used to make? I wasn't kidding.

This photo of the boys was taken just 3 days after Dean came home. I like it because it looks like they're trying to reconnect after their long separation. They were in separate isolettes and then later, separate open beds. I really wanted them placed together in an open crib but they didn't have one available for them. I think they would have developed more quickly if they had been together but, who knows? I do know that Dean nursed much better and much longer when he was nursing along with Jack.

Today, Jack is home with a fever, sore throat and headache and Dean is at school. They are getting really excited about their birthday and want everything they see on TV. They want the Little Mommy with daycare set, race cars with a glow in the dark track, cardboard bricks painted in primary colors, a McDonald's cash register complete with headset for taking drive thru orders, and pretty much anything else they see on a commercial.

Ahhh, marketing.

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