Sunday, November 19, 2006

Belated Birthday Post

Okay, Okay I know - I'm really, really behind on my posting. But, I have a good excuse.
I got sick.
Wednesday, just 2 days before the boys' birthday and 3 days before their big birthday bash, I came down with a cold. Tom was gone for 2 days - in Vegas for a convention. Thursday, I left work early because I felt lousy. But, so much to do - so little time to do it and of course, I didn't rest. Friday morning I knew I'd have to go to the doctor because I was miserable. This is their birthday and I could barely manage to sing to them that morning. I took them to school and ran a bunch of errands then looped back to Burbank for my doctor appointment at 11:30. I say to him: Doc, my twins are 4 years old today, husband is in Vegas, big birthday bash is tomorrow and I got 60 people coming for the party. FIX ME!!! The prescription slips were flying. Off I went to the pharmacy downstairs and picked up my 4 scrips, then back home to get started on the BBQ for the party on Saturday. Thankfully, Tom got home at 3:30 and finished up the BBQ for me. I went to bed early and, while I was definitely not myself on Saturday, I put on a good face. But enough about all that.
Jack and Dean are 4 years old. I can't believe they're four. When I asked them how that happened they looked up at me and replied, "We had our birthday and then we were four!"
They arrived at the park for their party right on time and as they walked to the Pavilion, Dean in his Batman costume and Jack in Robin, they saw their Spiderman Bounce House. They were very excited. They took their shoes right off and scurried into the bounce house. There were friends from school, friends from our neighborhood and fellow twin friends. It was also an unseasonably warm day for mid-November so there were lots of flushed cheeks. There was a batmobile pinata that they were simply fascinated with. Every day when we drive home we pass a party store that has pinatas hanging out front. They always ask me to talk about them so I promised them they'd have one at their birthday party. This pinata had pull strings so rather than blindfold a bunch of 4 year olds and hand them a bat, you just line 'em up all nice and neat and they each get to pull a string. At some point one of the kids pulls the string that will open the door and out spills the candy. Then they surge forward and scramble to pick up as much candy as their little hands will hold. It was perfect. Especially since the 5th kid pulled the magic string so it was all over rather quickly. Within seconds there were lollipops in all their mouths. Then, we unveiled the Batman cake. The Dark Knight looks like he punches his way through the center of the cake. We all sang to the boys and then passed out the cake and ice cream. More bouncing ensued and before we knew it, the party people came to pick up the bounce house and it was time to go home. No naps, lots of sweets, lots of energy expended and presents to open - few meltdowns. They opened all their presents after an early dinner and we played a couple of games before bedtime. Dean kinda lost it for a while. I think he was so tired and he just couldn't pull out of the tail spin. But after a good night's sleep, he was feeling much better today. We played a lot of games today - they got 5 with no duplicates. It was really neat sitting down at the kitchen table and playing a game with them while we waited for our dinner to warm up. They are these kids now. They're not babies, not toddlers - kids. I'm so lucky - these boys who had such a rough start have grown into strong, healthy kids who are four years old.
Pictures to follow...

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